2018 Discovering Terrific TV Content for Less — Cutting The cord with Blindness or Low Vision


Learn to access your favorite TV shows affordably and accessibly with this comprehensive audio product. Over five hours and fifteen minutes of demonstration and detailed information.

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Are you tired of paying exorbitant prices for cable channels that you never use? Do you desire an easier, more accessible way to enjoy your favorite shows and movies? Or perhaps you aren’t a big TV watcher, but are curious about how you can experience great content affordably and accessibly?

Mystic Access is excited to introduce our comprehensive audio product, Discovering Terrific TV Content for Less — Cutting the Cord with Blindness or Low Vision. If you’re ready to kill the cable bill once and for all, or are just eager to know what options are available, this audio product may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

In the last few years, many new and exciting options have emerged to help everyone enjoy their favorite content more easily and affordably than ever. The best news? Most of these options are highly accessible for blind and low vision users, too. In this audio product, we share a number of options to fit your lifestyle and budget and put them through their paces so that you can discover how they may work for you.

This product was created from a wildly popular three-week class series which Chris and Kim held in April and May of 2018. A wide variety of content was covered, all tailored towards helping you to view programming that you love affordably and accessibly.

What is covered in this audio product?

Here’s a basic outline of what we discuss.

Session One

  • Blindness and TV watching. How does that work?
  • What is cord cutting?
  • Available options for cutting the cord.
  • What is over the top, anyway?
  • How accessible is all this stuff?
  • Apps for streaming favorite TV shows and movies. We demonstrate apps for iOS, Fire OS and Android.

Session Two

  • Overview of set top boxes and how they work.
  • They’re not just for TV / movie watching… we’ll demonstrate this.
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV
  • Roku

Session Three

  • Over the top services. We’ll demo and share our experiences using these on various platforms, including apps and set top boxes.
  • Hulu Live
  • Play Station VUE
  • Sling TV
  • Youtube TV

Chris Nova and Kim Nova are the instructors for this audio product. Each is a totally blind assistive technology user, and they both love sharing tips and tricks to make enjoying your favorite content a fun and efficient experience. Oh, and both are happily living without traditional cable.

This product includes over five hours and fifteen minutes of audio content, and your cost for both the DAISY and MP3 versions is $39.00. We’re excited to share this cord cutting information with you.

Please click on the player below to listen to a sample of our cord cutting product

If you have additional questions prior to purchasing, or would prefer to order via phone, please feel free to get in touch. Thanks for your interest.

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