Warmest Holiday Wishes from Mystic Access!

Hi All,

Here we are closing out another year, and we’re so grateful you’ve spent some of your time this year with us. whether you’ve purchased documentation, listened to podcasts, downloaded free audios, or attended virtual events, we’re thankful that you’ve been part of our 2023 journey. We couldn’t do Mystic without you, and we can’t wait to share lots of new goodies with you in the new year.

We have lots in store in 2024, including our new course on staying safe from scams, created specifically with the blindness community in mind. This will be released in early January. That’s just the first of many projects in the works coming to fruition quite early next year. It’s a heavily expanded version of this event which we held earlier in 2023.

We also plan to update a number of projects, as well, so stay tuned to this space and our podcast for all the details when we’re able to share more.

In the meantime, if you really want to hear more of Chris and myself before 2024–no, seriously, if you want to learn something cool before then, don’t forget about our Victor Stream and Stellar Trek audio documentation, both available at no cost to you. We also have a wealth of free downloads here, and hundreds of episodes to explore in our podcast archive, too. And even though we’re about to close for our Christmas break, our main website will also remain open for your perusal 24 hours a day. Visit us here any time.

Speaking of taking a break, we’ll be closing down Mystic at end of day today (Wednesday, December 20) for some much-needed rest and relaxation and to celebrate the holidays. We’ll be opening back up on Wednesday, January 3. If you need anything between now and then, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@mysticaccess.com. Or leave us a voicemail at: (716) 543-3323, and I’ll return your call early in January.

Wishing you cozy, joyful, and fulfilling holidays. We hope you celebrate with those you love beside you, delicious food in front of you, and maybe some neat tech gadgets to entertain you. And if you’ve already celebrated, or if this time of year is a difficult one for you, we wish you love and happiness until we meet again next year. Thanks, as always, for being part of our community, and happy, merry everything!

Chris and Kim
The Mystic Access Team

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