Introducing Mystic Access’s Newest Product: Staying Safe from Scams

Hi, Everyone,

We hope your January is ending well. We’re closing out ours with an exciting announcement. we have a bran new product available to share with you!

Some of you may remember that we offered a free event around the middle of 2023 all about the types of scams you may encounter and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim. We’ve gotten an incredible response to this material and have now expanded it to include a much deeper dive into the subject matter. There are ruthless people eager to take your hard-earned money every day, and it’s easy to fall for their pleas if you don’t know what to look for. This is especially true for older folks, or those who aren’t comfortable with technology. Now you can boost your confidence and learn how to turn these scary situations on their heads.

In this comprehensive product, you’ll learn about scams you may receive via postal mail, email, the internet, over the phone, and via text messages. We also discuss romance scams that ruin lives every day. While scams are constantly evolving over time, we talk about many you may come across, including Medicate and Social Security scams, people claiming to be from your cable or internet provider saying you owe money, those claiming you’ve won cash or prizes, and so much more. we’ve also included anonymous stories from participants from our free event. Hear from them directly about scams they’ve experienced and what they did to combat them. Visit this page to read all about what’s included, listen to the free event, and make your purchase.

There’s also a section called Kim’s Inbox of Spam where I show you scam emails from my own inbox, tell you what makes each suspicious, and have some chuckles along the way.

At over three and a half hours in duration, we hope this is a super helpful overview, all from a blindness perspective, that assists you in feeling more empowered when you experience what you may think is a scam. There’s also a helpful list of written resources to further your learning even more. We’re excited to share this information with you. Activate this link to learn more.

This audio documentation is currently on sale for a limited time. You’ll save over fifteen percent on the product. As always, we’ve tried to keep it affordable enough for everyone to benefit. Just visit this page for all the details.

Thanks for letting us drop into your inbox to share about our new documentation. We appreciate having you as part of our community. If you feel this product isn’t for you, perhaps you have friends, family members, or colleagues whom you feel would benefit? If so, please feel free to forward off this message if you received it as an email, or share a link to this post if you’re viewing it via our News page. Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about this important information.

I (Kim) am currently cloistered at my desk creating our next new product, and hope to get to share all about it with you in the next couple weeks. If I’m slow to respond to phone calls, please accept my apologies; now you know why. *smile*

Have a wonderful rest of your week.

Warm Wishes,
Chris and Kim Nova
The Mystic Access Team
Where the Magic is in, *Finally*, New Products! Yaaaaaay!

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