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Empower yourself and those you love to stay safe from scams. This audio documentation, created from a blindness perspective, provides valuable information on types of scams you may experience, ways you may be targeted, scammer tactics, and what you can do to stay safe. Covers snail mail, email, phone, text, website, and online dating scams. Over three and a half hours of audio content. Includes a comprehensive written resource list.

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Have you ever received a popup on your computer telling you a virus was detected and you needed to call a phone number to get your computer repaired? Have you gotten phone calls from someone claiming to be Medicare, the IRS, or the Social Security Administration? Have you opened your email inbox to find messages saying you’ve won a fabulous prize, an all-expenses paid vacation, or that coveted Publisher’s Clearing House check?

All of the above scenarios are indicative of scams. Unfortunately, scams come in many forms, and can occur via phone, email, text message, and over the internet. Many folks in the blindness community may be particularly vulnerable to certain scams, especially those who aren’t tech savvy. Scams also hit the elderly especially hard, as many of these people may not know what to look for and how to stay protected.

Although there are plenty of scammers out there, a plethora of educational materials also exist. Mystic Access has created an audio course to assist you in learning more about this complex and ever-evolving topic. While it’s full of useful information, scams continue to change all the time. This course is a helpful overview about the topic of scams, and specifically how they can relate to those in the blindness community.

Some of what you’ll discover in this audio includes:

  • How do scammers toy with the emotions of their victims?
  • What businesses or government agencies are regularly imitated by scammers?
  • Scams you may receive via snail mail, email, via phone, on the internet, and by text message
  • Dating/romance scams and how they can be detected
  • Ways to take precautions and get educated about many of the most common scams out there so you’ll know what to do if you’re targeted
  • Computer and phone software that can help you stay safer online
  • Stories from others who have experienced scams themselves
  • Our segment, Kim’s Inbox of Spam, can help you learn what to avoid doing when unknown emails land in your inbox
  • Many helpful written resources to deepen your learning journey

This extensive audio is over three hours and thirty-five minutes in length. We hope it teaches you something new about how to keep yourself safe from dangerous scams. If you’d like to try before you buy, check out our free audio download covering similar topics.

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