Product Announcement, Convention Sales, and More

Hi Everyone,

Hope your summer or winter is starting out beautifully. We know many of you here in the States are gearing up for the fun and excitement of conventions, and while we aren’t attending either ourselves, we hope all who are have a fantastic time. It’s always fun meeting friends and vendors, learning about all that’s new, and purchasing products and swag from your favorite companies.

We won’t take up much of your time but do have a couple announcements for you.

Convention Sales

Since I mentioned conventions earlier, let’s begin with sales. All digital products are twenty percent off beginning on Friday, June 28 at midnight. And for anyone new, no, you don’t have to be attending a convention to get the discounts; they’re automatically available for everyone who orders. No coupons are required. Just explore, add to your cart and checkout. Sales conclude at end of day Sunday, July 14.

Product Announcement! What’s Old is New Again… Sort of

This brings us to our new, sort of anyway, product. We’ve updated our audio documentation on the Amazon Alexa products. This was a contract project that we’re also able to offer to all of you. This new version is, of course, updated for 2024. There’s no mention of the website ( or where you were once able to modify and configure Alexa settings, as the site is gone. Our focus is primarily on voice commands, but several sections do concentrate on the Alexa app, as sometimes its use is very important for configuration. We’re happy to report that our audio production on this version is better than the predecessor. It is slightly shorter, coming in at five hours. As always, there’s no fluff and lots of handy hints to make using your Alexa more enjoyable and useful.

If you’ve previously purchased our Alexa documentation, the new version is available to you at no cost. You can check it out anytime by logging into your Mystic access account and visiting the My Downloads page. Note that this has nothing to do with the free downloads we offer. If you do re-download the new version and gain value from it, we do accept your financial gifts. You’re under no pressure whatsoever to give a gift, though. If you do enjoy the product and would like to spread the word to others, we always deeply appreciate that.

Visit this page to learn more about the Alexa product. We hope you have as much fun using it as we did making it.

A Maintenance Announcement

Please note that Chris and I will be preparing for and doing some traveling over the next week. Our email responses may take longer than usual, and I’ll definitely take a little more time to return any phone calls. We should be settled back into a routine by July 1. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks for your patience.

Final Note

For those wondering about our open house, it’s definitely on for next month! Please stay tuned to this space, as we’ll send out more definitive info as soon as we’ve firmed up a date. We can’t wait to hang out with you.

Thanks for reading, and safe travels!

Warm Wishes,
Kim and Chris
The Mystic Access Team

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