Introducing Mystic Access Virtual Events — Informative, Fun and Available from Wherever You Are

Are you frustrated on your assistive technology journey? Do you struggle to find products that are accessible to you as a person who is blind or has low vision? Or do you own products that are “supposed” to be accessible, but you can’t figure out how to use them easily, if at all?

We understand and would love to help. We are passionate about sharing the enriching, exciting and even the frustrating aspects of learning assistive technology with as many people as possible. In addition to our free bi-weekly podcast, we are very pleased to be offering free virtual events to those who are interested in learning about assistive technology-related topics in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, from the comfort and convenience of your own space.

In our informative and enjoyable events, you can expect to:

  • Discover valuable information on a variety of assistive technology topics, as well as other practical tips which you can utilize on a regular basis to enrich and simplify your work and life online and offline
  • Learn relevant information from a blindness perspective… we won’t be telling you to press the red button or to wait until the light turns blue. We are totally blind professionals who will meet you where you live and help you to progress steadily from that point
  • Enjoy an interactive and engaging atmosphere with personal examples and humor thrown into the mix. Yes, we screw up, too. And yes, we usually laugh about it later
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in class discussions. Events are way more interesting and fun when we get to talk with you about what you’re experiencing
  • Be taught by seasoned professionals who have used assistive technology both personally and professionally for decades. Oh, and we also think we’re very down to earth and a lot of fun. We hope you will, too

Check out recordings of many of our previous events on this page.

What are Mystic Access’s virtual events about?

Topics you can expect to discover more about in our events may include:

  • iOS, Android, Fire OS, and PC related info, including maintenance, navigation and apps and programs we think you’ll find useful
  •, including tips for creating websites / blogs, accessible and helpful plugins, and more
  • Getting the full potential out of your assistive technology products
  • Personal coaching and mindset tips to make using your assistive technology an easier, more pleasurable and more productive experience
  • Accessible and innovative mainstream and assistive products (both hardware and software) that are easy to use and, well, exceedingly cool. From talking vacuums, mops and televisions to accessible security systems, talking virtual assistants, and more
  • Lots more… we’re always coming up with ideas for interesting and innovative classes, and your input is welcome

Explore recordings of many of our previous events here.

How does it work?

Events take place via the Zoom conferencing platform. You may join any of our events via PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Fire OS or via phone. You will be given all relevant joining info prior to each event. All events will be free to attend, and if you can’t make an event of interest to you, in almost all cases, a free download of that event will be available within a couple of weeks. Plese note that while all events are free to attend, they may be incorporated into paid products at a later date which will not be offered for free.

Who teaches these events?

Your event instructors are Chris Nova, founder of Mystic Access, and Kim Nova, director of product development. Between us, we have a wealth of experience with assistive technology that we’re happy to share with you. You will usually find that one or both of us teaches and / or attends an event, so be prepared. Ha ha!

How much do these events cost?

We offer events which are absolutely free to attend. However, your financial gifts are always deeply appreciated. In addition to our free virtual events, we also regularly offer affordable individual and multi-session events, as well.

Sounds great! How can I learn more about your events?

Thanks for your interest in learning more about our events. We offer a free mailing list specifically to share about our upcoming event offerings. You may subscribe on any page of this site, or via the form below. Subscribers are the first to know about our free monthly events, as well as our affordable paid events. If you have any trouble subscribing, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Thanks for your interest! We look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events!