Chris Nova

Chris has been working in the assistive technology industry for over two decades, and has been using assistive technology in his own life for even longer. In addition to his vast experience writing product documentation, producing audio tutorials, Alpha/Beta testing products and providing thorough training and customer support, Chris was also instrumental in the product cycle and development of BrailleNote GPS, Sense Navigation and Sendero PC Maps.

Chris is the founder of the Mystic Access podcast, where he enjoys sharing about both well-known and more unique pieces of assistive technology. After all, much of the technology which supports us in making our lives easier is mainstream, yet still brings us the ease and convenience we desire. All episodes of the podcast are archived and free to enjoy.

When he isn’t using assistive technology in his professional life, you’ll more than likely find Chris geeking out on yet more technology in his personal life. If it talks, beeps or plays audio, he probably enjoys using it!