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Discover all the fun you can have with an Amazon Fire tablet. Use it to accessibly read Kindle and Audible books, listen to music, talk with Alexa, browse the internet, check email, and so much more. This comprehensive audio documentation created from a blindness perspective provides extensive demonstrations and helpful guidance. Please read below for the full product description.

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Get all fired up about Fire tablets.

If you’re a fan of purchasing your books, music and other products from Amazon, then you may have heard that one way to easily access all of that content is via an Amazon Fire tablet. These sleek and powerful devices not only allow you to read Kindle and Audible books, listen to Amazon music and make purchases, but the later generations also include Alexa as a built-in service. Even better, the Fire tablets are completely accessible straight out of the box, and can be set up, configured and utilized without sighted assistance. They also use the superb Ivona voices, which make navigating and reading a real pleasure.

Friendly, interactive documentation to support your learning journey

In this comprehensive audio documentation, Kim discusses why you may wish to purchase a Fire tablet, their many advantages, their accessibility, and how generations of Fire tablets differ from one another. You’ll learn about tablet orientation (this varies a bit depending on which model you purchase), listen to a first time startup, learn about the tablet’s layout, and discover how to quickly configure the settings that are important to you, including the extensive accessibility settings. Learn how to read books, listen to music, shop for items, configure and check your mail, use the Fire tablets’ Silk browser to explore on the internet, check your weather, and, of course, use the built-in Alexa features to make tasks all the more simple and fun.

Fire Tablet Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Why You May Want To Purchase A Fire Tablet?
  • How Do You Know What Tablet You Have or To Get?
  • Things that The Different Fire Tablets Have In Common
  • Caring for Your Tablet
  • Tablet Orientation
  • Working with The Power Button
  • The Two Ways To Enable VoiceView
  • The First-Time Setup Experience
  • Going Through The VoiceView Tutorial
  • Continuing The Setup
  • Exploring The Lock Screen
  • Exploring The Status Bar
  • Exploring The Home Screen
  • Quick Actions and Notifications
  • Managing Notifications
  • Exploring The Pages
  • The For You Page
  • The Books Page
  • Exploring The Books Library And Book Store
  • Video Page
  • Games and Apps Page
  • The Shop Page
  • The Music Page
  • The Audible Page
  • The News Stand Page
  • Setting Things Up with The Settings Section
  • Exploring Internet Settings
  • Show Mode Settings
  • Display Settings
  • Sound Settings
  • Storage
  • Accessibility Settings
  • Navigating The Fire Tablet
  • Using The Alexa Feature of Your Tablet
  • Using Bluetooth Devices with The Fire Tablet
  • Connecting A Bluetooth Speaker
  • Connecting The Orbit Writer
  • Connecting a Braille Display
  • Navigating Using a Braille Display or an Orbit Writer
  • Working with books, Audio Books And Magazines
  • The Book Store
  • Exploring and Reading A Kindle Book
  • Reading Audible Books
  • The News Stand Store and Reading a Magazine
  • Watching Videos Using The Prime Video App
  • a Look At Email
  • Browsing The Internet with The Silk Browser
  • Browsing for , Finding and Downloading Apps
  • Searching for and Downloading Apps
  • A Quick Look at The BARD Mobile Login Screen
  • A Note About Logging Into Apps
  • Checking Out BARD Mobile
  • Checking Out Disney+
  • Checking Out Pluto TV
  • Organizing and Uninstalling Apps
  • Visiting Additional Apps
  • Files
  • Amazon Kids+, Formerly Free Time Unlimited
  • Utilities Included on The Fire
  • Charging and Battery Information
  • Updating The Fire Tablet
  • Comparing An Older Tablet with A Newer Tablet
  • Troubleshooting Your Fire Tablet
  • Locating The Generation of Your Fire Tablet
  • Tablet Is Not Talking
  • Alexa Does not Answer When You Speak Her Name
  • My Tablet Seems To Show Different Items Than My Friend’s
  • Bluetooth Keyboard or Braille Display will not Work
  • Checking on Battery Status
  • Organizing your Home Screen
  • Using The Fire Tablet Like an Echo Show
  • Powering Off or Restarting The Tablet
  • Using Learn Mode
  • Issues Typing on The Virtual Keyboard
  • Device is not Charging
  • Conclusion

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This documentation includes eight hours of comprehensive audio content. Thanks for your interest.

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