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Recommended Price $5.00 / 30 days

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Mystic Access strives to support and empower blind and visually impaired users of assistive technology through providing comprehensive, professionally-produced audio tutorials and live events, and personalized one-on-one and group training opportunities. We wish to make learning and interacting with your assistive technology an enjoyable and magical experience, as demonstrated through our tag line (where the magic is in learning), and our fun, non-technical and informal approach to our subject matter. The company’s goal is to heavily reduce the intimidation factor by helping to make learning your technology a productive, rewarding and positive experience.

All financial gifts go towards assisting Mystic Access in maintaining our website, as well as bringing you future tutorials, podcasts and events, in addition to upgrading our assistive technology. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us accomplish our goals.

Please note: donations made to Mystic Access are generally considered to be personal gifts and are not guaranteed to be tax-deductible.

You can name any amount which you wish to gift, and your payment method of choice will be charged for this amount once a month. Cancel any time via your account page. Your recurring gifts in any amount are tremendously appreciated!