Acquainting Yourself with Android — Getting Started with an Android Device


Interested in the accessibility and usability of Android from a blindness perspective? this extensive audio course will give you the confidence to get started with Android, from choosing a device, to orientation and initial setup, to configuring settings and discovering apps that make your device your own. See the full description below for all product details.

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Are you an assistive technology user who has wondered about the accessibility and usability of Android by those with visual impairments? Are you curious about purchasing and learning an Android device, but are intimidated about getting started? Are you an iOS user who has considered checking out Android as either an adjunct to or alternative to iOS, but just aren’t sure about the learning curve involved?

No matter which of these categories you fall into, you’re sure to benefit from Mystic access’s informative audio documentation, Acquainting Yourself with Android. Whether you’re completely new to Android,are struggling to conquer your first Android device, or know you want an Android device, but just don’t know if you’re ready, the material in this audio product will support you in moving forward capably and confidently, and prepare you to have a lot of fun using an Android phone or tablet successfully.

Who teaches this documentation?

This audio product is co-taught by Chris Nova and Kim Nova, the founder and director of product development with Mystic access, respectively. Both of us have years of experience using Android devices for business and pleasure, and we’re passionate about sharing the skills necessary to help you have a great journey using Android, and to know what to expect on those occasions when you hit a snag. We’re friendly, down to earth, and are always honest in sharing our own challenges and mistakes in order to support and inform you. We’re professionals, but, like you, we’re also daily users of the technology we teach about. This product was based on a five-week live event, and includes careful explanation, thorough demonstrations, and great questions asked by the live event participants.

Course Syllabus

  • Lesson One. We’ll begin by discussing important considerations to keep in mind when choosing an Android device. If you already have one, this info will still help you, as it will assist you in knowing whether the device you have may best meet your needs. We’ll then move on to talking about what to expect upon receiving your device, such as what’s in the box, device orientation, turning on accessibility features, and the initial setup experience, which will be demoed. We’ll also discuss touch screen navigation strategies, your device’s home screen’s, and more.
  • Lesson Two. One of the coolest, and perhaps more intimidating things about Android is the huge amount of customization available. The good news is, you can really configure your device extensively in order to meet your requirements. The other good news is, if you don’t want to do much configuration, you don’t have to! ? IN addition to a few briefer topics, we’ll be devoting this lesson to taking a deep dive into Settings, and showing you all that you’re able to do to make your Android device totally yours.
  • Lesson Three. we discuss and demonstrate some of the preinstalled apps you may find on your Android device. While these may differ slightly from device to device, we’ll explore some of the apps you’re most likely to have preinstalled, such as chrome and Google Calendar. We’ll also explore using phone features in Android, such as calling, texting, and contacts. We also have some fun taking the google voice assistant through its paces.
  • Lesson Four. Now that you’re familiar with your preinstalled apps, it’s time to venture into the Play Store to discover other apps you’re sure to find fun and useful. We’ll show the layout of the Play Store, browsing for, locating and installing apps, and we’ll discuss a few blindness-specific apps that you may find particularly helpful. This week will also include a discussion of Android launchers, and how to change your default apps in android, such as your browser or email client. If you hate Chrome and prefer Firefox, for instance, you can change to that browser. We also talk about file management and file sharing in this lesson.
  • Lesson Five. We’ll begin by talking about the use of braille and the use of the BrailleBack app with your Android device. We’ll discuss connecting peripherals, such as braille displays, keyboards and Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Other topics include using your Android device as an external drive, and ways to troubleshoot when you experience an issue.

When you purchase the Acquainting Yourself with Android audio cdocumentation, you’ll receive:

  • Seven plus hours of professionally edited audio material to support you in utilizing an Android device. Tons of demonstrations will be included, so you’ll know what to expect when using your own device.
  • Download in DAISY and / or MP3 format. Both product versions are highly navigable so that you can find and refer to sections of interest with ease.
  • The confidence to use an Android device successfully for work, play, or both.

Ready to get started?

Your investment for Acquainting Yourself with Android is only $69. If you have any questions prior to purchasing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Thanks so much for your interest, and we look forward to sharing this information with you!

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