Self-Advocacy Coaching Sessions


Want to feel more confident, empowered and willing to take charge of your life? Ready to play bigger? self-Advocacy coaching sessions may be the answer for you.

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Are you aware that you need to advocate for yourself more often (with strangers, colleagues or family), but are unsure how to do so effectively? Do you know that you need greater confidence, self-empowerment and fortitude to take charge of your life and be more successful in all that you do? Are you struggling to define your identity so that you feel more comfortable and secure in your own skin, physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Kim offers Self-Advocacy coaching sessions as a way to help you to overcome your perceived obstacles, limitations and challenges, and proactively create success and happiness on your terms. If you know that it’s time to step up, stand strong and take inspired action to live your best life possible, Kim would love to support you.

Self-Advocacy coaching Sessions may assist you in:

  • Discovering the self-worth and self-empowerment to move forward into a more productive and positive life
  • Realizing that you are more capable than you previously knew
  • Gaining the resources and mindsets to take positive steps forward in your life
  • Learning to respect, trust and speak up for yourself
  • Being proactive in making your life a life you enjoy living
  • Finding ways to be more productive, proactive and creative
  • Improving your circumstances while gaining inner strength in mind, body and spirit
  • Discovering more of the person that you long to be, even if others tell you you can’t


It takes courage to step into a better life and into greater self-expression. Are you ready?

Customized Self-Advocacy Sessions are available via phone or Skype. If you are unsure whether Self-Advocacy Sessions with Kim are a good fit for you, please contact her prior to ordering for a 15-minute free consultation to make sure that this partnership will be a good next step for you.

All phone and online training includes recordings of your sessions in MP3 format, so that you can refer back to them again and again. This can support you in further deepening and retaining what you discover. All sessions are strictly confidential.

Your investment for a one-hour (sixty-minute) Self-Advocacy Session via phone or Skype is $45. You may order multiple sessions by changing the quantity in the edit field. Purchase three sessions or more and save 15% on your purchase.

We thank you for entrusting us with your business, and we look forward to working with you.

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