Conveniently Use Your Mobile Devices Anywhere with the Hable One, Audio Documentation

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Learn to navigate and type on your iOS or mobile devices with ease using the compact, high-quality, and intuitively designed Hable One. This audio documentation orients you to the product, shows you how to hold it, demonstrates device pairing, and takes you through many real-world navigation and typing tasks. Learn to make calls, send messages, browse the Internet, send email, use Siri and the Google Assistant, and more, without ever needing to touch your mobile device. Over two and a half hours of comprehensive content. Please read below for additional information.

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Have you ever:

  • needed to dig through your pockets, briefcase, or purse for your phone to make a quick call or respond to a text, spilling half the contents in the process?
  • accidentally sent badly mistyped content to a colleague when dictating in a loud environment?
  • struggled to type Internet searches, emails, social media posts, and more using your device’s touch screen?
  • had trouble reaching particular portions of your device screens, move between pages or screens effectively, and reach the content you’re seeking quickly and efficiently?

Allow us to introduce you to a thoughtfully designed, compact, and high-quality little product that may be your answer. Meet the Hable One.

The Hable One is a controller for your iOS or Android devices. It also serves as a keyboard. It’s small (only about three inches at its widest point), rectangular, and includes both tactile buttons and lots of haptic feedback. It’s used to navigate devices with intuitive key commands, type texts, phone numbers, and more in contracted and uncontracted UEB English braille, and lets you use all aspects of your device without needing it to be in your hands, thanks to included Bluetooth 5.1 technology. You can easily check its battery status, remove all paired devices, and change the language with just a couple keystrokes. Note that this device includes no speakers, makes no sounds aside from the haptic vibrations, and has no braille display, but does includ lots of cleverly-designed haptic feedback. Visit the Hable One website to discover more information.

Chris and Kim Nova of Mystic Access first experienced the Hable One at CSUN 2022 and found the concept interesting. But we wondered if it was truly as reliable, effective, and useful as it claimed to be? Why not use the cheaper Orbit Writer, which purports to have similar abilities?

Well, we’ve since had the opportunity to use the Hable One quite extensively, and are super impressed with its features. Does it live up to the site’s claims? We offered a free virtual event in May 2022 to share and demonstrate Hable One, and you can decide for yourself by listening to the recording at this link.

While our free event gave what listeners felt was a solid introduction to the product, it only scratched the surface of all the Hable One offers. we find the device extremely convenient and intuitive to use for so many tasks, so much so, in fact, that we bought two for ourselves. We also decided the device was worth a far deeper audio dive for our community. Welcome to: Conveniently Use Your Mobile Devices Anywhere with the Hable One.

In this audio documentation, we’ll share foundational information you must know to help you make this considered purchase, such as:

  • What is the Hable One?
  • What devices will it connect with, and how many?
  • Possible advantages and disadvantages.
  • Orientation and how to hold the device for effective typing and navigation.
  • A very brief discussion of how to use the Hable One to type and navigate on the Mac, PC, and Amazon Fire tablets, and the limitations of what’s possible. ***Please note that Fire Tablets are not officially supported by the Hable One manufacturer.***
  • Hable One battery life.
  • Charging Hable One.
  • Powering on and off.
  • Pairing with iOS and Android devices and switching between connected devices.
  • Changing the Hable One’s language. Several languages are available, including French and Spanish.
  • Using and switching between Hable One’s two different dot configurations.

In addition to the basics, we’ll use the Hable One with both iOS and Android to:

  • Navigate devices, including element navigation when available, scrolling screens and moving to the top and bottom of pages
  • Type text in Internet browsers and documents, find text on screens and pages, and dictate text
  • Turn on and off TalkBack and VoiceOver with the Hable One
  • Send and receive texts and emails, and make and receive phone calls, including calls to phone menu systems
  • Use Siri, Bixby, and Google Assistant
  • Visit important portions of your device such as notifications, settings, menus, the status bar, and more
  • Show you just how fast and convenient this handy little device makes our phone and tablet usage

This audio documentation is co-taught by Chris and Kim Nova, and is two hours and forty minutes in duration. It’s professionally edited, so there’s no fluf, no filler, just comprehensive and detailed content to help you learn more about the device. Whether you’re considering a purchase, or already have a Hable One, this documentation can support you.

We’re so excited to share the Hable One features with you. The product includes tons of demonstrations so you can hear exactly what the Hable One can do for you. Purchase your copy, available in both DAISY and MP3 formats, for $30. We appreciate your interest!

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