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Mystic Access wishes to support you in learning the Windows 10 operating system from a blindness perspective. Start with the basics, take a deep dive into the primary concepts and features, and shatter all those misconceptions you may have about this version of the Windows platform. Comprehensive audio documentation including examples, demos and thorough explanations and instruction. Please read below for the full description.

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Do Any of These Sound Like You?

Does turning on your computer running Windows 10 cause you fear, distress or anxiety? Are you at least somewhat familiar / comfortable with Windows 10, but know there’s more to learn? Or are you someone still running an earlier version of Windows due to not knowing how different Windows 10 is from your current version and user experience?

Mystic Access is here to help. Let’s start with the basics, take a deep dive into the primary concepts and features you’ll discover in Windows 10, and, I have to say it, shatter all those misconceptions you may have about this version of the Windows platform. We don’t want you to feel intimidation or uncertainty when using your computer, so we’re excited to provide you with comprehensive audio documentation to walk you step by step through its functionality.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is Windows 10?
  • Flavors / versions of Windows 10 and what differentiates them from one another.
  • Comparing Windows 10 to earlier Operating Systems.
  • Windows 10 and access Technology
  • Upgrading to Windows 10. Why you should, and what you need to know.
  • Exploring the log on screen / logging into your computer.
  • Exploring and navigating the desktop
  • Organizing your desktop / creating virtual desktops
  • Traversing the Start Menu.
  • New / recent apps.
  • The Taskbar and Task View
  • Explaining and demoing jump lists.
  • Pinning, unpinning, and using shortcuts.
  • Searching for apps and media on your computer.
  • Power Options.
  • Working with apps.
  • How to open an app from the start menu and Desktop.
  • Introducing the title bar, keeping track of your currently focused app.
  • Using Windows Tab.
  • Ways to close apps.
  • Minimizing and Maximizing apps. Why it’s important to know how to maximize as a screen reader user.
  • Creating a document in WordPad.
  • Basic document navigation, selecting text, manipulating text, cutting / copying / pasting.
  • Working with Dialog Boxes.
  • Working with Ribbons.
  • Working with Menus.
  • Accessing and working with notifications.
  • File management.
  • Quick Access, what it is, and why you might want to use it or turn it off. Quick Access wasn’t available in Windows 7.
  • Using This PC
  • Working with tree views and list views.
  • Using Folders.
  • Navigating Files.
  • Meet Cortana.
  • Settings for Cortana and how to locate them.
  • Turning on/off “Hey Cortana.”
  • Exploring the App Store.
  • Journeying Through Windows 10 settings
  • Checking for Windows updates, discussing Patch Tuesday.
  • Using Narrator.
  • Starting and exiting Narrator.
  • Getting Help with narrator.
  • Navigating using Narrator hot keys.
  • Navigating email using Mail for Windows 10
  • Living on the Edge… Browsing the Internet.
  • The Accessibility of VLC Media Player.
  • Closing thoughts.

From Foundational Concepts to More advanced Info

Whether you’re just getting started with Windows 10 or want to learn more, our carefully-crafted audio documentation can support your journey. This audio product totals over eleven hours of comprehensive material, and is packed with examples, demos and instruction from a blindness perspective. You’ll be taught by two totally blind Windows 10 users.

Your Screen Reader Doesn’t Matter

We’ll teach you using universal Windows commands, so whether you use JAWS, NVDA, or even Narrator, you’ll learn how to navigate and find information with ease.

Ready to Begin?

We hope you benefit greatly from the use of our comprehensive audio. If you’re looking for a detailed written resource from a screen reader perspective, our Windows 10 book from National Braille Press may be the perfect companion to meet your needs.

Please activate the player below to listen to a sample of Discover The Wonderful World of Windows 10.

Thanks very much for your interest!

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