Evo E10 DAISY Media Player Audio Documentation

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Ten hours of comprehensive audio documentation on the Evo E10 DAISY media player. Get oriented to the buttons, learn about its features, and discover all the fun you can have with the Evo player. Recorded from a blindness perspective. View the full description and table of contents below.

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If you’ve heard about the innovative Evo E10 DAISY player but aren’t sure whether it’s quite right for you, here are ten hours of comprehensive audio documentation to walk you through all aspects of the player’s functionality. Please note that if you purchase the player from Mystic Access, this exact audio documentation is included with your purchase. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages, get oriented to the buttons and their behavior, discover the rich feature set of the player, and listen to the stellar Ivona text to speech voices that come included.

What You’ll Learn in this Documentation

  • Introduction
  • What You Get With The Player
  • Folder Structure
  • Ivona Voices
  • Orientation
  • Charging The Player
  • A Note about The Menu
  • Turning On The Evo And Exploring The File Structure
  • Built In Folders
  • Switching Between Drives
  • The Information Button
  • Going Directly To A File Or Folder
  • Navigating In A File
  • Copying, Moving, And Deleting Files Or Folders
  • Discovering The Items In The Menu Using The Menu Key
  • Network, Connecting To WiFi
  • Version Information
  • Device Information
  • Time Settings
  • Idle Power Off
  • Automatic Power Off (Sleep Timer)
  • Set Time And Date
  • Automatic Power On
  • Automatic Time Announcements
  • Time Format
  • Network Time Synchronization
  • Time Zone
  • Daylight Saving Time
  • System Voice
  • Alarms
  • resume Play Settings
  • Hot Key Settings
  • Recording Settings
  • Startup Sound And Vibration
  • Tools
  • Check For Updates
  • Default Factory Settings
  • Reading DAISY books
  • A discussion of Unzipping files
  • Navigating DAISY Text
  • What Happens When Battery Is Low
  • Time Jump In DAISY Text
  • DAISY Audio
  • Downloading And Unzipping Books From Bookshare
  • Reading Downloaded Books From Bookshare
  • VTuner
  • Exploring Internet radio Stations Using VTuner
  • Recording An Internet Radio Station
  • Exploring Podcasts Using VTuner
  • Adding Your Own Podcasts and Internet Radio Stations
  • Using The Windows M3U edit tool To Add Podcasts And Radio Stations
  • Connecting The Evo To A Computer
  • Working With Your Own Podcasts
  • Adding Multiple Podcasts And Working with Them
  • Recording A Podcast Episode
  • Working With Your Own Internet Radio Stations
  • Making Your Own Recordings
  • Editing Recordings
  • Final Note About Recordings
  • Revisiting The Tools Menu in Depth
  • Voice Reminders
  • Voice Memos
  • Calculator
  • Timer
  • Compass
  • Disk Management
  • FM Radio
  • Recording From The FM Radio
  • Creating Your Own Folders
  • Navigating Through The Folder Structure
  • Navigating Through Different Types Of Text Documents
  • Supported Document File Types
  • Navigating Through Different Audio Files
  • Supported Audio Formats
  • Demonstrating Audio Formats
  • Playing Video Files
  • Supported Video Formats
  • Other Audio Demonstrations
  • Unsupported Hack To Use NFB Newsline On The Evo
  • Working With The History List
  • All About Bookmarks
  • Locking The Keyboard
  • Working From A USB Flash Drive
  • Troubleshooting Questions
  • Copyright Information

We know buying new electronics can be a difficult decision, and this tutorial is here to support you in knowing whether the Evo is a good investment for you. You may purchase this extensive audio documentation in both DAISY and MP3 formats for $30. Thank you for your interest.
Activate the player below to listen to a documentation sample created by Mystic Access:

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