From One to Another — Switching Among Windows Screen Readers

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Discover all you’ll need to know to successfully switch between or among Windows screen readers. Friendly and thorough instruction from a decades-long Window-Eyes user / former GW Micro support representative, and current JAWS / NVDA user.

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Introducing a Comprehensive Audio Tutorial Showing You How to Switch Among Windows Screen Readers with Ease

Have you been using your current screen reader for a long time and think that it might be time to switch to another Windows screen reader? Does the thought of transitioning to an unfamiliar screen reader intimidate you? Would you like to keep your current screen reader while having another one as a backup?

If the answer to one or all of these questions is “Yes”, this informative audio tutorial may be just what you’re looking for.

Chris Nova has been using Window-Eyes since 1998, and worked for GW Micro / Ai Squared / VFO from 2014 through 2016 as a support representative. He currently primarily uses JAWS and NVDA, and is pleased to share his knowledge, tips and tricks on switching among Windows screen readers.

This tutorial is based on a teleclass series which Chris taught consecutively over a three day period. In the tutorial, you will discover many universal key commands to make transitioning to your new screen reader, or switching among screen readers for work or pleasure, a far simpler process.

Lesson One: Basic Computer Navigation

In this audio lesson, you’ll learn primarily universal key commands for navigating around the computers desktop. You’ll also discover how to use the start menu, and learn commands for editing in Word Processors such as Microsoft Word, Word Pad and Notepad.  You’ll also find out how to navigate through ribbons and menus using these applications.

Lesson Two: Settings, Settings and Even More Settings

In this session, you’ll explore the JAWS and NVDA menus and configuration settings. Discover how JAWS and NVDA settings differ from those in Window-Eyes, both in their functionality and respective locations.

Lesson Three: Communicating with Internet and Email

You’ll wrap up this tutorial’s main lessons by learning the differences and similarities in how JAWS / NVDA / Window-Eyes behave when you are using your favorite web browser to explore the internet. You’ll also discover how each screen reader acts when you use it to browse / check your email.

Please note that JAWS / NVDA and Window-Eyes keystrokes will be demonstrated and compared during this audio tutorial. Chris will also provide as many universal key commands as possible, so that no matter which screen reader you happen to be using, you’ll often be able to use the same familiar commands to complete tasks.

Still Have Questions?

So did Chris’s class participants. He has compiled the answers to ten of their powerful questions into an additional audio to further support you on your journey. In many cases, he demonstrates as well as explains the answers, which may help to further assist your learning.

Make switching among Windows screen readers an easier, less stressful and more efficient process with the help of this friendly audio tutorial. Your investment for over four and a half hours of audio material is $39.

We appreciate your interest, and thank you for learning with Mystic Access.

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