Online Assistance for Non-Techies


If you or someone you know is uncomfortable using a computer, we can assist you with purchasing products online, and doing simple research. Please review the full product description for all details.

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Are you or someone you know uncomfortable using a computer or mobile device to browse the internet? Would you like assistance making purchases or doing simple research online? If so, this service is for you.

With this service, we can assist you in:

  • Making purchases from Amazon or other websites online. Just tell us the exact product or products you wish to purchase, and we’ll make the purchase for you and have the items shipped to the address you provide us. Please note that, depending on the website in question, we may need to create an account for you on that site.
  • Doing simple online research. Do you need to find out where the nearest Target is in your area? Seeking a Thai restaurant to try, or a new hair dresser? Need an address, phone number or hours of operation for a business? we can help.
  • Curious about a particular company, web store or organization and what they offer / how they can help you? We can look up that information and share it with you.
  • For a $25 deposit, we will assess your needs and determine any additional costs associated with completing your desired services. Please note that we will not assist you with online banking, paying bills or other highly secure online transactions.

    Ready to learn more or get started? Please contact us. We look forward to assisting you.

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