Audio Documentation on Apple AirPods Pro Second Generation


Learn about the Apple AirPods Pro 2 from a blindness perspective in this audio documentation. Discover tips on orientation, configuration, first-time setup, finding AirPods when lost, charging, and much more. Please read below for the full syllabus.

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Have you been in search of in-ear earbuds with wonderful noise canceling, terrific sound, and easy configuration? Do you want a customized fit, simple volume controls, and great range? We think we’ve found the answer, at least for us, and we’re delighted to share all about it with you.

Meet the Apple AirPods Pro 2

Hi. We’re Chris and Kim Nova, and we were very late to jump on the Apple AirPods band wagon. For one thing, we play in a lot of ecosystems regularly, including iOS, but also Android and Fire OS. We thought the AirPods (which we’d never seen in our lives) had to be overrated, and Kim was especially skeptical about the sound. “I mean, they’re little earbuds–how good can they be, right?” And then there was the issue of price. Were we really willing to put that much money down on earbuds? We thought not!

With the pre-release info about the AirPods Pro 2, however, we decided they were worth checking out, if for no other reason than the new included speaker right in the case, allowing you to find said case easily if lost. Would we actually use them for any length of time aside from maybe plane travel? We had no idea. We were hearing a lot of hype, but still weren’t sure if we really cared, That is, until a pair arrived at our house. Check out our thoughts and initial reactions on this Mystic Access podcast episode. And we weren’t the only ones to be impressed. Even those upgrading from older generations of AirPods have raved about the better sound, noise cancelation, and comfort of the pro 2 AirPods. Maybe the best news for those of us using VoiceOver is that you can configure them exactly to your liking independently via your iPhone.

Not an iPhone user? You aren’t left out. If you have an audio player which supports Bluetooth, the AirPods will work with it, too. You’ll lose a bit of functionality, but will still get most of the benefits the AirPods Pro 2 offer.

If you’re in the market for great earbuds, need a wow holiday or Birthday present, or are just curious what the fuss is all about, we’re offering comprehensive documentation so you can learn all you want to know about these dynamic little earbuds. Have an older version of AirPods? You’ll benefit greatly from most of this info, too. As always, we discuss the accessibility and usability of the AirPods in depth, so if you do decide they’re for you, you’ll be able to set them up and use them with confidence straight out of the box.

What Does the Documentation Cover?

  • What are Apple AirPods?
  • What’s the difference between the Pro 2 and previous generations?
  • How do they connect to my devices?
  • What can I listen to?
  • I don’t use Apple products like the iPhone? Can I still use these?
  • What if I just have an iPad or iPod? will these work for me?
  • What’s in the box?
  • AirPods and case orientation.
  • Initial setup.
  • Changing ear tips.
  • Controlling what you’re listening to, both via the AirPods and your device.
  • The many ways to charge, and receiving battery status.
  • Let’s configure! Ear fit test, transparency, spatial audio, accessibility settings, and more!
  • Connecting to nearby devices.
  • Using AirPods with the Apple watch.
  • Let’s listen together! Sharing a pair of AirPods.
  • Using AirPods as hearing aids.
  • Can I use AirPods in addition to my hearing aids?
  • Help! My AirPods or case are lost!
  • Using AirPods Pro 2 with non-Apple devices.
  • AirPods accessories: what’s available, how they work, and are they worth it?
  • Care and feeding of your AirPods Pro 2. Cleaning, maintenance, etc.
  • Accessibility and usability thoughts from a blindness perspective.
  • Price and payment plans.
  • Our take and final thoughts.

About Your Instructors

We’re Chris and Kim Nova, a husband wife team of totally blind professionals with a love of music, podcasts, and documentaries, among other audio and video content. We love teaching assistive and mainstream technology to others with low or no physical sight, and doing so in a way that feels easy, stress-free, and fun. Between us we have over 40 years of teaching experience. We use the tech we teach about in our own work and lives, and our events and audios are casual, packed with tips and examples, and filled with demos so you can follow along with us. Expect lots of laughter, too.

I Want In!

Awesome! We’re grateful for your support of our small business! Your investment for this documentation, which is an hour and a half in duration and available in both MP3 and DAISY formats, is only $24. We’re so excited to share this info with you!

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