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In This Issue:

  • Hot Off The Press from NBP… Getting Started with Google Suite.
  • Timely reminder, iOS modules 13-18 still open for registration. Plus, free gift for certain module participants.
  • It’s somebody’s birthday… one-day only celebration sale.
  • Reminder, Free iOS goody available upon request with Your Hardware or SD card purchases.
  • Free Goodies to Enjoy.
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Welcome to this public issue of the Mystic Access newsletter. Those of you on our Events list are getting this one, as well, because we do have iOS events to remind you about. Plus, there’s a bran new Mystic Access related release to share, and we wanted to make sure you all knew about it right away.

As always, thanks for being part of our rapidly growing community! We appreciate you!

Hot Off The Press from NBP… Getting Started with Google Suite.

We’re very proud to anounce that the Mystic Access team has written an informative book, now available for purchase from National Braille Press. Here’s the copy about it from NBP:

Take your productivity to the next level with some of the most popular Google apps for the home and office. In this 1 volume overview, the team at Mystic Access guides you through downloading, installing, navigating, and using Gmail, Chrome, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts, and Calendar on a PC, with helpful notes about Mac and mobile devices as well.

Getting Started with Google Suite would make a great written companion piece to our audio tutorial on the same topic. If you’d rather read than listen, or have a writtenreference guide by your side as you learn how to successfully and efficiently use google Mail, Docs, Drive, Slides, Sheets and more, this book may be very beneficial for you. It’s a;vailable in braille, eBraile, DAISY, and Word formats directly from NBP. You may download digitally or have the book shipped to you in either braille or on a thumb drive in your chosen format.

While all three of us are named on the cover, Lisa gets the credit for the bulk of this writing. We’re so proud to have worked with NBP to bring you this project. The team really hopes you’ll find this to be a welcome resource in your library. If you know of others who may gain benefit from the book, plese feel free to forward them this newsletter, or share the link to the NBP product page. Remember, this book is available directly from National Braille Press, by visiting this page. If you happen to be new to NBP and their ongoing mission, we encourage you to visit to learn more.

Timely reminder, iOS modules 13-18 still open for registration. Plus, free gift for certain module participants.

Registration for our latest batch of iOS modules, thirteen through eighteen, remains open. These are being taught live in January and February. You’ll be able to ask questions of your instructor, and meet others on the journey towards improving their iOS skills. Want to join us live, and catch up on the modules you missed in this series? Click here for all the details, and to register for the modules of interest to you. If you’d rather order via phone, please call us at: (716) 543-3323. Module fifteen will discuss how you can make learning a part of your daily life with the help of your iOS device, and will be held this Thursday, January 24. Lisa and Kim had a blast preparing this material for you, and we hope you’ll have as much fun learning about it as we have.

Here are the modules which have been covered so far in this set, as well as those coming up in February. All will be available to you when you purchase:

  1. January 10, 2019: Here’s to Your Health. We’ll talk physical and emotional health, and the apps to help us get there. If you want to track your workouts, learn to become more zen, or conquer a bad habit, there are numerous apps to help, and we’re pleased to explore them with you.
  2. January 17, 2019: It’s about time. Clock. It seems like such a simple app. However, it’s packed with lots of useful features. For example, did you know you can use it as a sleep timer, or choose to wake up to a particular song? Or, did you know you can set different alarms for weekdays and weekends? Save yourself some time and effort, and come learn about the many hidden features in the clock app.
  3. January 24, 2019: Learning Every Day. If you’re a gatherer of information, this module is for you. We’ll be sharing apps that allow you to find podcasts, lectures, and online learning opportunities. Curious? You’ll be in good company!
  4. February 7, 2019: I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing. This time, we’re diving into the Music app on iOS. Whether or not you have an Apple Music subscription, this app is jam-packed with lots of music, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of it.
  5. February 14, 2019: Games People Play. This time, we’re talking about different kinds of games. Besides just being fun, they can help you develop some specific iOS-related skills. If you’re ready to improve your skill at exploring by touch, getting over your fear of turning VoiceOver on and off, or just having fun, come take a seat at our virtual game table.
  6. February 21, 2019: Size Matters. Have you been using an iPhone or iPod Touch, and do you want to begin using an iPad or iPad Mini? We’ll talk about why you might or might not want to do this, and how the layout of information varies between devices.

As you may know, you have the ability to purchase our iOS modules in sets of six. You may purchase the live versions of thirteen through eighteen at a significant savings when you buy all six. Modules one through six, and seven through twelve are now only available for purchase as complete sets. If you purchased any of these sets of six in full, in other words, a set of six together, either by attending live or afterwards when we began offering them as sets, we are giving you access to a special gift.

Lisa recently recorded a special module for anyone who has one of the new iPhone 10 models. If Face ID makes you crazy, or you just really aren’t sure how to use the features of these newer phones, Lisa’s module can clarify for you. Even if you still use a device without Face ID, you may eventually need to know how to use it successfully. So we wanted to make sure you had helpful information available to you.

Again, this free module is only available if you attended or otherwise purchased a set of six… one through six, seven through twelve, or thirteen through eighteen. If you think you qualify, just email us at:, and we’ll give you download info for your free module. If you want to purchase modules thirteen through eighteen, and have them sent to you on an SD card, we can include this extra one for you on the card, as well.

Did you initially purchase your modules on SD card? You can also have an SD card sent to you with this module on it by itself… just know that the cost for the SD card is $15. If you aren’t comfortable downloading, and don’t want to pay for an SD card, we totally understand. You’ll just need to get assistance downloading the module for your listening enjoyment.

We hope you’ll enjoy your free module. It’s just our way of thanking you for your continued support of this offering. We put a lot of time and love into bringing this info to yu, and just wanted to give back to those who have joined us for so many of the modules.

It’s somebody’s birthday… one-day only celebration sale.

Friday, January 25 marks a very important occasion in Mystic access Land… it’s Chris’s birthday! No, I won’t tel you how many candles will be on his cake this year… then there may be a Kimless Mystic Access. *grin* Seriously, though, to celebrate Chris’s special day, we’re giving you a one-day-only sale. Most items in the shop will be fifteen percent off, excluding hardware purchases, the Gently Used category, the iOS modules and gift cards. Hardware will be ten percent off. No codes are necessary. This sale will run all day on Friday, January 25. If you call to place your order and get Chris, be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Reminder, Free iOS goody available upon request with Your Hardware or SD card purchases.

Are you an iOS user who owns or is planning to purchase a newer device without a standard headphone jack? Wondering how you’ll charge your device and play your audio through headphones simultaneously? We have the perfect little present for you, and it’s free with your hardware or SD card orders. We have a limited supply of high quality lightning splitter cables from Barry and Kae of Guidelights and Gadgets that we can offer you with your Mystic Access orders. If we ship you an SD card or a hardware product like headphones or our Havit Bluetooth transmitter, you may request one of these handy cables, and we’ll send it along with your order.

To receive the cable, you must request it at the time of your order, either by putting in your order notes that you’d like one, or by just letting us know if you order via phone. One cable per person, please. These are in limited supply, so if you’d like to be sure that you can get one, you may want to act quicly.

Free Goodies to Enjoy

Mystic Access offers a wealth of free goodies for your enjoyment. They’re a great way to learn more about us and what we offer. Check out our fun and informative bi-weekly podcast, explore our absolutely free tutorials and demos located on our Free Downloads page, and sign up to join our free monthly virtual events. We look forward to sharing with you.

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