I saw one of your tutorials being offered for free by someone via a list, or via Dropbox, Sendspace, an online group, etc. Can I download it?

You can, of course… the question we’d like you to ask yourself, though, is whether you should? We put a tremendous amount of time, attention and care into the crafting of every tutorial we sell. There are often hundreds of hours of research, recording, editing and production that go into our tutorials. Mystic Access is our business — it puts food on our tables and clothes on our backs, and when someone blatantly offers our work for download, via a list or in another manner, that directly impacts our business in a negative way.

So… if you enjoy what we do… either our free offerings or our paid ones, or both, and if you want to contribute towards our future success, then we encourage you not to download our paid products for free. We also ask that if you know this is going on that you let us know so we can take appropriate action.

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