Training experience

Hi Kim, Chris, and Lisa,
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the service I have received from all of you. Your IOS modules are very informative and I especially enjoy chatting with you before the meetings. I recently had the opportunity to experience your one on one training, both with IOS and Narrator. I have had experiences in the past where the trainer did not seem to have the knowledge to teach a given skill, but my experience with you was totally different. Lisa was my trainer and she did a great job of making the training fun and informative. I especially enjoyed the jokes and the real life references she used to make concepts easier to grasp. My iPhone decided not to cooperate during part of the IOS training, but Lisa was very patient and allowed me to download the recommended app after the session And we were able to continue on with the rest of the lesson. I also received the recording as well as other materials in a timely manner. I wish I had trained with you when I first got my iPad back in 2015. I probably would have learned Voiceover in a lot less time and with a lot less stress than I did trying to teach myself. I now feel confident enough to do IOS demonstrations of my own for various groups I belong to. Mystic Access will definitely be my go to for any training or technology support needs from now on.