Sample of the Sentey B-Trek H10 Headphones

Ok, no I haven’t bought the head phones yet, but if the recording samples of music duplicating how they sound are even close, these will be a tremendous asset. I listened to the sample recorded by Mystic Access and found the head phones to be amazing, even given that there might be some differential between what I hear and what is being heard by the microphones used for the recording, the sound could only improve with reality. Thanks Mystic Access for the samples you send us to help us make these decisions. None of us is rich and we have to make choices based on the information we have and we are being given excellent information by this seller. I have bought the Avantek blue tooth Receiver/transmitter from MA and the tutorial and product were absolutely as advertised. Do not hesitate to purchase from them if you want or need any of these products.

(Editor’s Note: While we no longer offer these headphones,
as they have been discontinued, we do still provide the tutorial via our Free Downloads page, and we offer other excellent headphones via our shop.)