Avantek Bluetooth Transmitter / Receiver

I have purchased this receiver/transmitter with the accompanying tutorial and the device is extremely useful if you have devices that do not have Bluetooth already installed on the device or are not natively Bluetooth capable. What made this a must-buy for me is not having to scan the pamphlet that comes with it, wonder if what it said was right and, then wondering if I was doing things correctly with my variety of connection scenarios such as speakers that make sounds and speakers that don’t. Having someone walk with me through the setup and then show me what I might face when connecting some of the more stubborn devices was beyond helpful. When you have a tutorial especially recorded to help a visually impaired person get the most out of a device, you get the best of both worlds. I teach technology and I use it every day but there are just times when you want the thing to work and to not have to “figure it out”. The figuring out has been done for you and with style. The best part about this device other than it working as advertised is the step by step description of what happens when things go as planned, and, best of all, what happens when they don’t go as planned. Thanks Mystic Access for doing such an amazing job with your device choices and teaching us how they work.

(Editor’s Note: While we can no longer offer this particular Bluetooth transmitter
/ receiver, as it has been discontinued, we do offer another fabulous one in our shop, as well as the tutorial for the Avantek via our Free Downloads page.)