Audio Tutorial for The Sharkk Aura Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones with Eighteen-Hour Battery


Discover the features and functions of the Sharkk Aura headphones with the help of this comprehensive audio tutorial. Produced from a blindness perspective, you'll find friendly, easy-to-follow guidance and instructions to support you in learning the layout and functions of the headphones with ease and confidence.

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Introducing a Comprehensive Audio Tutorial for the Sharkk Aura Bluetooth On-ear Wireless + Wired Headset with Eighteen-Hour Battery Life, by Mystic Access

In this downloadable tutorial, you will:

  • Experience comprehensive, step-by-step guidance to support you in familiarizing yourself with your new Bluetooth headphones from a blindness perspective.
  • Receive straight-forward, friendly and thorough instruction from a passionate, totally blind user of the headphones.
  • Become thoroughly oriented to the layout of your headphones.
  • Learn to use your headphones’ functionality independently and with ease, including the Bluetooth and wired modes.
  • Learn how you may use your non-bluetooth devices successfully with your headphones.
  • Enjoy listening to the amazing sound quality that these headphones can produce!

At just over one hour in length, this tutorial can assist you in becoming confident in using the Sharkk Aura headphones. Learn at your own pace, take your time, and have fun! We hope you’ll find this tutorial to be a great resource for you as you get to know your headphones. Happy listening!

Please click on the player below to listen to a sample of the amazing sound quality produced by these headphones. For the best experience, please listen with stereo headphones.

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