Spooktacular Announcements from Mystic Access: BlindShell Documentation, Apple AirPods Event, and Sales Galore

Happy Friday, everyone, or happy whenever you read this! *smiles*

We have some timely, and dare I say spooktacular announcements to start your weekend. Given that we’re now firmly in the season of tricks and treats, we’re opening the Mystic Access candy bucket to dispense some seriously sweet goodies for you, starting today. Please read below for all the details.

At Last! BlindShell Classic 2 Audio Documentation!

Many of you have asked us in the past if we’d ever create documentation on the BlindShell Classic 2, and we’ve told you “no.” However, circumstances change, and we’re delighted to announce that we’re now creating audio on this powerful little cell phone. For an explanation of why we initially said we wouldn’t create it, and why we’re able to do so now, please check out our special edition podcast for all that and a couple phone demos, too. We’re covering everything from BlindShell benefits and phone orientation, to how to call, text, and manage voicemails, to browsing the internet, composing and checking email, reading Audible books, and using Aira and Be My Eyes. The BlindShell Classic is expanding its functionality all the time, and while we won’t cover every single supported app, we’ll discuss and demo many of those you may find valuable, from Alexa to podcast playback to games. Check out the entire table of contents, and preorder your copy on this page.

The minimum price for this documentation is $29, but you can pay more if you feel it’s worth more than that to you. You won’t be charged until the product is released. This audio is currently on preorder, and we hope and plan to release it by Tuesday, November 15. Getting your preorder in now will help us to gauge interest in the popularity of the BlindShell audio.

If you have friends or know others who perhaps aren’t as tech savvy who have been in search of comprehensive BlindShell support like this, please help us by spreading the word. We appreciate it very much! If you’ve purchased our audio documentation before, you know it’s packed with demos, examples, tips and tricks, and a laid back and fun approach to learning. We’re very excited to share this audio with you.

Learn About The Apple AirPods with Us

We’re really late to get on the airPods band wagon. Frankly, we thought they were both seriously overpriced and overrated. That was, until the latest Apple event where we learned about the new improvements in the AirPods Pro 2, and decided to buy a pair to try. This podcast shares our initial thoughts, and you can hear the Pro 2s in action.

Well, now both Novas have our own AirPods, and we’re so impressed with them that we decided to offer a paid class to share all about their features, benefits, and ways to use and configure them to your heart’s content. Oh, and they don’t just work with the iPhone or other Apple products, either! Whether you already own a version of the AirPods, want to pick up a set for the first time, or are just curious about what you may wish to look for in accessible earbuds or headphones, this 90-minute event can help. It takes place on Tuesday, October 25 at 8:30 PM ET, and will be recorded if you can’t join us live. Learn more about all that we’ll be covering, and register here to save your seat.

Different Spooktacular Sales Every Week, Now Through Halloween!

We’re offering a number of spooky sales throughout the rest of October, but there’s a catch… we won’t always tell you what they are in the newsletter or via a podcast episode. So just like digging in that candy bucket to find your favorite treat, you’ll need to check the site every Friday (October 14, 21, and 28) to learn about the new ridiculous discounts we’ll offer on chosen products. Discounts will be applied automatically when you order. If you want to call to order, that’s always an option, too. The first two treats have dropped today, and we’ll go ahead and tell you what those are. From now until October 14, you can save a bundle on our Victor Stream audio documentation, as well as our Windows 10 documentation. And if you have 11 already, or still need to upgrade to 10 from an old version like 7 or 8, there’s a tremendous amount you can learn from this audio, too. If you want to be more efficient when navigating your computer, managing your files, or browsing the internet, this audio can help. Glab these while their prices are so scarily good.

Hope your October is going wonderfully so far, and thanks as always for your interest and support. We appreciate you!

Warm Wishes,
Chris and Kim
The Mystic Access Team

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