Something Different, and Important, for June’s Free Mystic Access Event. Time Sensitive.

Hi Everyone,

Good morning and happy June. We’re excited to announce our free event for this month, and we really hope you’ll consider joining us and/or spreading the word to others, because this is a very different topic for this community. However, we think it’s crucially important to discuss in some depth. If you checked out our latest podcast episode, you may already have a clue about the topic we’re covering.

In this event we’ll be discussing scams. How do they occur? How can you get clued in about a possible scam you or your loved one may be experiencing? How can you protect yourself? In addition to talking about many of the types of scams you may come across and how to counteract them as they’re happening, we’ll also share ways to learn more and keep yourself safe from those who may try to part you from your money in the future.

This isn’t a discussion that really happens in this specific community, and we feel strongly that it should be. We’re looking forward to sharing a lot of valuable info with you, and, of course, we’d love to hear your stories and try to answer any questions you may have on the topic. we are by no means experts, but we’ve learned quite a lot and are looking forward to sharing with you.

This event does require registration. After all, we don’t want to risk this, of all events, getting hacked. You’ll be sent to a form where you’ll need to enter your first and last name, email address, and something you hope to learn about in the event. There’s also a space to enter any questions you’d like to have answered during the event. This is particularly important for those who aren’t able to attend live on the night but have specific info they want to know about.

So as not to have any convention overlap, we’re running the event early this month. It will take place next week, on Thursday, June 15, at 8:00 PM ET, 5:00 PM CT. You can convert to your own time zone on the registration page.

Please visit this page to register:

Can’t attend live? If you don’t have really specific questions that you want to make sure we try to address, please save a seat for someone else and don’t register for the live event. It will be up on the MysticAccessDownloads site ASAP afterwards. So again, unless you have really specific questions you want to write into the registration form, if you’re unable to attend at the time and date, please wait until the event goes up on the Downloads site. Thanks for your understanding. We want as many people to be able to attend live as are interested.

we’re looking forward to sharing this info with you. If you have a scam story you’d like to share during class, we’re sure others would value hearing it. Please let us know by email in advance if this is the case.

Again, the link to register is:

Please don’t hesitate to forward this email to others whom you think would be interested, or if you’re reading this on our News page, share the URL.

We look forward to connecting with you on June 15.

Chris and Kim