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Hi, Everyone,

This message contains some important, and timely announcements from us.

New Special of the Month Category, and our First Special

We’re introducing a new category in our shop featuring a different discounted product each month. Since we’re starting this a little late in October, we wanted to let you know about this month’s special right away so you could take advantage of the savings. In October, we’re shining a spotlight on our iOS foundational modules. This audio documentation includes six hours of instruction to help you use iOS’s basic functionality with confidence. Learn to type efficiently, customize settings, navigate the rotor, use Siri, check mail, and browse and download from the app store with greater ease. These modules are highly navigable, full of great tips and demos, and are an awesome tool for those who want to use the aforementioned functions of their devices with less stress.

Normally $75, you can purchase this package right now for $59. An audio sample is available on the page, as well as more details about the product. These modules were taught by our colleague, Lisa Salinger. If you wish to order via phone, give us a call between 9-5 ET at: (716) 543-3323.

For Those Interested in the BlindShell Classic or BlindShell Classic 2

there has been huge interest in the new BlindShell phone, called the BlindShell Classic 2. The phone offers some huge improvements from its predecessor, both in terms of features and overall functionality. It’s higher-quality, sounds much better, has more volume, and is just a nicer piece of hardware overall. We know many of you are looking forward to learning even more and making your purchase.

We want to let you know that Mystic Access is no longer selling BlindShell phones. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the phone, its quality or the company. We’ve made this decision because Chris is now BlindShell’s U.S. product representative. He’ll be working closely with the company to help in making the phone even better, and will be extremely busy in this new position. We both felt that continuing to offer the phone for sell under these circumstances would be a huge conflict of interest for everyone, including us. We therefore chose to step out of the selling arena for BlindShell. However, please don’t be alarmed about your ability to make a purchase from here in the States. There are many dealers available from whom you can buy the BlindShell. From this page, please move down to the level two heading for your country, and headings below that will list available dealers. As of this writing, we’re still listed on this page, but we assure you that we’re no longer selling any BlindShell phones. I’m sure Chris will say a bit more about this on an upcoming podcast, so if you want to hear from him on the subject, please check out upcoming episodes for his thoughts. They’ll be similar to what I’ve written here. We’re really excited about this new chapter of working with the company.

Speaking of the BlindShell… Do You Need a Case for your Original BlindShell Classic?

We have six cases still available for sale. These will only work with the original BlindShell Classic, not the Classic 2. If your phone needs a little more protection, we’re selling each case for $25. We have one red and five black cases as of right now. Please go here for yours, or give us a call at (716) 543-3323 between 9-5 ET to order. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Have a wonderful rest of your week.

Warmest Wishes,
Chris and Kim
The Mystic Access Team

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