Updates to The Mystic Access Privacy Policy

Hi, Everyone, Just a quick note… We are so grateful to have you as part of our community. We are always dedicated to treating our clients, customers and all who work with us with the greatest integrity. It’s a cornerstone of how we run our company every day. this commitment extends to how we use … Read more

It’s About to Be Somebody’s Birthday! / Site Maintenance Completed

Hi, Everyone, Just a quick note to share two announcements with you. First, our website maintenance is now completed… we thank you for your patience, and we hope our site updates will allow you a speedier and even more enjoyable site experience. More importantly, however, one of us at Mystic Access is about to be … Read more

Site Maintenance

Hi, Everyone, Happy weekend. We just wanted to make you aware that over the next few days there will be some site down time where the site is in maintenance mode. we’re making some upgrades that will make both your experience and our experience more pleasant, as well as speedier. If you visit us and … Read more

New Year, New Sale

Happy New Year, Everyone! Did you receive any fun technology over the holiday season? Or did you make a resolution to get more comfortable with the assistive technology you already own? We’d love to support you in experiencing less stress and more enjoyment / efficiency with your technology in this new year. In that spirit, … Read more