Our Apologies! — Kim’s Birthday Sale Extended, Plus, New Ways to Enjoy Mystic access Content, and More Great News

Hi, Everyone,

We’re re-sending this newsletter because our website technology was not kind to us on Kim’s Birthday, causing some serious issues with her Birthday sale. So we’re extending it as our way of apologizing and making things right. Read below to learn about the extended sale, and more exciting news. Our apologies for the re-send of this newsletter.

We have lots of amazing news for you today, some of which is time sensitive. Enjoy learning about all the new goodies below.

Kim’s Birthday Sale Extended Through Sunday, April 15

As you may have heard or read, we just celebrated a Mystic access Birthday with a big sale. Kim’s Birthday was Wednesday, April 11, and we wanted you to get the presents. We were having some serious technology issues with our sale plugin yesterday, which have now been resolved. Not everyone who ordered was receiving the sale price on their eligible ordered products. You have all been refunded the difference as of this morning, and should have received emails with that information.

As our way of apologizing for the confusion / technology woes, we’re celebrating a little longer by extending Kim’s Birthday sale through the end of the day on Sunday, April 15. Until then, you’ll save twenty percent on all of our audio tutorials, as well as on our upcoming virtual event on cutting the cord accessibly. Hardware, services and gift cards are not included in this sale.

To take advantage of the celebratory discounts, just visit the site or give us a call to purchase a tutorial or register for the cord cutting event. Our number is: (716) 543-3323. Looks like Kim’s Birthday is lasting a bit longer than expected this year. does that mean she gets more presents, too? *smile* Happy saving.

Two Exciting New Ways to Listen to Mystic Access Content

If you or someone you know, isn’t very comfortable using the internet, we have two new offerings that may apeal.

  • First, you can now call a phone number to listen to the five latest episodes of the Mystic Access podcast. You can use touch tone commands on your phone to rewind, fast-forward and pause playback. If you need to hang up in the middle of listening to an episode, it can even pick up where you left off the next time you call. To check out this free service, call: (701) 801-8527. Long-distance charges may apply.
  • Next, if you’ve ever wanted to shop on our website, but aren’t very comfortable browsing sites online, we have a solution. Mystic Access now has an automated phone catalog. Just call a number, and the friendly text to speech voice will walk you through our product and service categories and individual product offerings. You can also learn about our upcoming free and paid virtual events, bi-weekly podcast and more. When you’ve found something you wish to order, you can press zero at any time to reach our customer service, and one of us will be happy to help you. To reach our catalog, call: (716) 404-4166. Long-distance charges may apply.

Our Podcast is Back on The Victor Stream!

We have fantastic news about our podcast situation with the Victor Stream. If you or someone you know isn’t getting any new episodes of our podcast, there is now an update from Humanware that will successfully address that issue.

Just update your firmware as you normally would (if you turn off airplane mode, you should be prompted to update), and download and install the new firmware. Then, visit our podcast in your Podcasts online bookshelf and check for new episodes. Our latest episode was released yesterday, April 9. If you need additional help in updating your Stream, please contact Humanware directly. In the US, their number is: (800) 722-3393. Please use this link to find the Humanware contact info for your country.

We’re very relieved and happy that this issue has now been resolved, and are looking forward to sharing our recent episodes with more of our loyal Stream listeners.

Thanks for reading, and for your interest in Mystic Access. We appreciate you!

Warm Wishes,
Chris, Kim and Lisa
The Mystic Access Team