Welcome Summer Sale, Apologies, and Other Announcements You Might have Missed

Hi, Everyone,

Before we dive into this newsletter, we first wish to offer an apology. We attempted to move our email servers over to another service that claimed to have better delivery, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out very well, as we know many of you didn’t receive either or both of our last couple announcements. We apologize for any mail you missed or additional inconvenience this caused. We’re now on a stable platform that we trust, so there shouldn’t be many of these kinds of issues in future. However, if you know someone who thinks he or she should be getting our newsletters and is not, please tell them to resubscribe to the mailing list.

Welcome to Summer Sale

Our Welcome to Summer Sale begins first thing Friday morning, May 27. All audio documentation is twenty percent off. No coupons are needed–the discounts will automatically apply. Our upcoming event, Delicious Eats and More, Direct to Your Door, is also included in the sale, so if you’ve waited to register for your spot, now’s the time. The sale ends at 1:00 PM ET on Tuesday, May 31. Order anytime via the MysticAccess.com website, or give us a call on Friday, or Tuesday, (before 1:00 PM ET), at: (716) 543-3323, and press one to reach Orders.

Evo DAISY Player News

Speaking of sales, the Evo 10 audio DAISY player is currently discounted at the lowest price we know of. It’s on sale for $199, but we only have a few left in stock, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. It comes with our ten-hour audio documentation, a high-quality case, and extra headphones. If you want a great companion for playing podcasts, internet and FM radio stations, Bookshare books, audio dramas and books, documents, and more, this could be for you. Note the Evo players do not download or play books from Audible or BARD. You can create audio memos and reminders on the Evo, too.

Mystic Access’s Evo 10 Evo 10 audio documentation is also on sale, so if you’ve purchased an Evo 10 player from somewhere else, and want thorough guidance on its use, this can help. It’s ten hours of comprehensive, no-frills content, discussion, and demonstrations.

Finally, the big brother to the Evo 10, the Evo 12 audio DAISY player, is also available now. It includes additional text-to-speech voices (in addition to Ivona Sally and Joey, it contains Nuance Susan and Tom, and Acapella Tracy and Ryan), stereo speakers, and a full keypad for text entry. Audio documentation from Mystic Access will be coming quite soon, and will be retroactively provided for anyone who purchases the Evo 12 from us. For additional information, please visit the above link.

Victor Stream Audio Documentation Special Continues

Because of all those potentially-missing newsletters we mentioned earlier, we’re leaving our May product special up through the month of June. From now through June 30, save twenty percent on our eight-hour, comprehensive Victor Stream audio documentation. Read the entire table of contents, and listen to a sample at the above link.

A Free Goody — Meet the Lyriq Scanning and Reading Device

Finally, for those who don’t know or who missed our previous announcement, you can learn about and download our detailed presentation on the Lyriq reading machine at this link. We hope you enjoy learning about it as much as we enjoy using it every day.

We wish you a wonderful start to your summer (or winter, depending on where you are in the world), and thanks, as always, for being part of our community.

Warm Wishes,
Chris and Kim
The Mystic Access Team

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