Happening Now… Our 22% Off sale is Live, Plus a Special Sale Item to Talk About

Hi All,

Just writing with a quick reminder that the 22% off sale on our audio documentation is now live, and lasts through end of day eastern time tomorrow, Friday, September 10. Whether you want to save on our Victor Stream tutorial, learn about the Google suite of products, including docs and Sheets, make the most of your apple watch, discover the power of Android, or gaining efficiency with Windows 10, documentation is available to help. And don’t foget our newer products like our 1Password and Amazon Fire Stick / TV documentation, too.

And guess what? Our two new events on listening to podcasts and creating your own podcast are also included in the sale! If you’ve always wanted to take a class with us, now is the time, as these prices are insanely low today and tomorrow only.

One other special sale item we wanted to mention. We’ve reduced our phone sanitizers to make them extra affordable. These are little boxes that you plug in, which use ultraviolet light to clean your phone, or other small objects you place inside such as your keys, cash, credit cards, watch, rings, and much more. We have two models of this item in stock, both with helpful female voice prompts so you’ll know what’s happening. We have one that sterilizes in fifteen minutes, and can also wirelessly charge supported phones, such as the iPhone 8 and later. It has a slightly smaller compartment for putting your objects into.

The other version charges in five minutes, includes an aroma therapy option, and can hold slightly larger devices, such as your BlindShell in its case, or a Victor Stream or Trek. It does not offer wireless charging, however.

We only have a single unit of the fifteen minute version, and just a few of the five minute version. When they’re gone, we won’t be carrying them again. They’re now on sale for just under $49. Audio samples are available on the site for each version. Activate this link to learn more, listen to samples and make your purchase.

If you’d like to order via phone, please give us a call at (716) 543-3323, between 9-5 ET today or tomorrow. Or order online at any time through the end of the sale.

Thanks as always for your support, and we appreciate your business so much! We hope you gain huge benefits from your new documentation.

Warm Wishes,
Chris and Kim Nova
The Mystic Access Team

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