What’s the difference between the DAISY and MP3 tutorials and which should I download after my purchase?

If you plan on playing your tutorial on an iDevice or Android device using the Voice Dream Reader application, the easiest way is to download the DAISY, leave the tutorial zipped, and put it in Dropbox or whatever method you most prefer to transfer your files to Voice Dream Reader.

If your reading method of choice is using a DAISY book reader such as a Stream or Book Port, you’ll want to download the DAISY version of your tutorial, unzip it into a folder, and place that unzipped folder into the relevant DAISY folder of your device, such as $VRDTB on the stream.

The easiest way to use the MP3 version of a tutorial is to download it to your computer, unzip it, and use the playlist (M3U) file to navigate.

The difference between the DAISY and MP3 versions is that the DAISY includes the navigation files necessary for proper DAISY playback in relevant devices.

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