I don’t want an SD card for my tutorial, but want something physically shipped to me. Can you ship me a thumb / flash drive, data CD, etc?

Sure, we can do that. When viewing our tutorial products you’ll find a heading at level two that asks if you’re not comfortable downloading online. Under this descriptive heading is a checkbox allowing you to add physical media which will be shipped to you, such as an SD card, thumb drive, data CD DVD, or NLS cartridge. Each type of media is shown as a radio button. You’re required to select one. These media options only appear if the checkbox is checked.

If you’re calling to place your order, please tell the person who places your phone order what physical media you’d prefer.

Please note that you’ll need a computer, or MP3 capable CD player to play data CD’s. To play data sent on a flash / thumb drive, you’ll require one of the NLS players, a DAISY player with an appropriate cable for inserting the drive, or a computer.

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