Workaround for The Mystic Access Podcast and QCast

In the podcast Episode titled Kim Gets Misty And Alexa Shows Us The Way, we talked about how we could no longer play episodes with the popular QCast podcast client.

Thanks to John and Larry Gassman, we were able to find a workaround. Below you will find steps to get the feed to work in your copy of QCast as well as a link to an audio presentation.

  1. Open QCast if it isn’t currently running.
  2. If it is currently in your podcast list, use your arrow keys or first letter navigation to locate the Mystic Access Podcast as we will need to remove it first.
  3. Press CONTROL-DELETE or select Delete Podcast from the Podcast menu.
  4. Either press CONTROL-P or select Add Podcast from the podcast menu.
  5. When the add new podcast dialog comes up, type the following web address exactly the way it is here:

    and press enter.

  6. QCast will come back with the name of the podcast and its description, TAB to the add button and press enter.
  7. Finally QCast will place you in your podcast list and the Mystic Access podcast should be added and able to play.

Please activate the player below if you would like to listen to a demo on adding a feed manually to QCast.
[able_player src=”″]