Ready to Learn More About Android or Increase Your Proficiency? Our New Event Can Help!

Hi, Everyone,

we’re excited to announce our new five-week event, Acquainting Yourself with android. If you’re curious about learning whether an Android device may be a good choice for your needs and lifestyle, either as an alternative to, or adjunct to iOS, or you’re just wondering what makes Android different and unique,we’d love to have you for this comprehensive course.

Mystic Access’s live courses are characterized by detailed discussion and demos, thorough explanations of all terms and concepts, and lively discussions during the question and answer period. All calls will be recorded, so if you can’t attend live for any reason, you’ll still get access to all course materials. Chris and Kim don’t just teach about these products, we use them ourselves, and have for years. We’ll be sharing our mistakes, challenges and tips so that you can get started using your device with confidence.

Class will begin on Thursday, August 15, and will end on Thursday, September 19. We have a skipped week during which we’ll be holding our free August event. All sessions are at 8:30 PM eastern time, but again, if you can’t attend live, all calls will be recorded for your reference. You’ll receive five plus hours of professionally edited material as part of this course. I encourage you to check out the course syllabus on the product page for all that we’ll cover. We’ve kept your investment extremely low, as we want as many of you as possible to be able to benefit from this material.

We introduced this event in our free July class, iOS and Android compared. Thanks to everyone who came live, and for the many excellent questions which enriched this call so much! To learn more about how iOS and Android are similar, and how they differ, and to get a feel for what our classes are like, check out our iOS Android comparison class recording.

Ready to learn more? Learn more about the event by visiting this page. If you have any questions prior to reserving your seat, or would like to place your order via phone, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call: (716) 543-3323, or drop us an email. We appreciate your interest, and look forward to having you in class!

Warm Wishes,
Chris and Kim
The Mystic Access Team

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