Free APH Mantis Q40 Audio Documentation by Mystic Access

Meet the innovative Mantis Q40 braille display and qwerty keyboard from APH.

The Mantis Q40 is so much more than a braille display. Whether you wish to connect to your phone or computer, read braille books and magazines from Bookshare or NFB Newsline, or create and read documents, the Mantis Q40 is here to be your efficient companion. Small, portable and convenient to take anywhere, this intuitive device offers a suite of practical applications, including a editor for document creation, a file manager, and a calculator.

Use the Library app to enjoy your books, newspapers, and magazines. Connect to, and switch among, multiple devices (up to five Bluetooth and one USB device) for reading your way in Terminal mode. Enjoy the high quality and consistency you’ve come to expect from APH braille displays.

Experience Audio Documentation that is Easy to Navigate, Highly Structured and Professionally Produced

Mystic Access is thrilled to have collaborated with APH to create audio documentation for the Mantis Q40. In these three hours of comprehensive content, you will be guided through the documentation by Kim Nova, a totally blind, female Mantis user in a warm, friendly and highly-structured manner. Professionally recorded, edited and produced in-house by Mystic Access, you will find the documentation to be a pleasant listening experience. Available in both DAISY and MP3 formats, you may choose how and where you listen to the audio.

Please read below for the full table of contents for this audio documentation.

  • Introduction
  • Box Contents
  • Orientation
  • Care And Feeding of Your Device
  • Powering On And Off
  • Sleep Setting
  • Checking Battery Status
  • First Time Start
  • The Main Menu
  • Editor
  • Editor Settings
  • Creating A File
  • The Context Menu
  • Editing Text
  • Selecting Text
  • Saving A File
  • Creating A File From Within A File
  • Opening Files
  • Finding Text
  • File Size Limits
  • Read Mode
  • Auto Scroll
  • Inserting The Date And Time
  • Finding And Replacing Text
  • Changing Grade of Braille
  • Setting Up Wi-Fi
  • Exploring And Connecting To Online Services
  • Exploring Library
  • Using The File Manager
  • Exploring The Calculator
  • Date And Time
  • Terminal
  • Setting Up a Device to Use with Terminal for The First Time
  • Locating NVDA Specific Commands
  • Exiting Terminal
  • Connecting Using USB with NVDA
  • Connecting Using USB with JAWS
  • Connecting Using Bluetooth with JAWS
  • Reconnecting Devices
  • Switching Among Multiple Devices
  • Learning iOS Specific Commands
  • Pairing n iOS Device for The First Time
  • Exploring Settings
  • User Settings
  • Braille Profile
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Change Language
  • Activate Exam Mode
  • About
  • Check For Updates
  • User Guide
  • Troubleshooting
  • Conclusion And Contact Information

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APH Mantis Q40 DAISY Audio Documentation

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APH Mantis Q40 MP3 Audio Documentation

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