Efficient and Fun Techniques for Listening to Podcasts


Listen to podcasts accessibly in the ways that are easiest and best for you with this extensive audio documentation from Mystic Access. Created from a blindness perspective. Demos on apps available via iOS, Android, and many additional listening options are also covered. Over 4.5 hours of audio material. Please read below for the full description.

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Aren’t podcasts awesome? They keep us entertained, educated and informed, make us laugh when we’re feeling blue, and teach us about that next great tech or kitchen gadget, amazing health or science breakthrough, or movie we simply must see. Life is certainly richer with podcasts to enjoy.

But have you ever struggled to access and listen to your favorite podcasts? Maybe you find the process frustrating, complex, or overwhelming? Would you prefer a different platform, additional listening options during certain situations, or just to know what other listening methods are out there?

Introducing Efficient and Fun Techniques for Listening to Podcasts, Mystic access’s comprehensive audio documentation presenting you with various options to make your listening experience easy, enjoyable, and, of course, accessible.

We originally taught this material live to other visually impaired podcast listeners. In this audio documentation, created from a blindness perspective, you’ll discover a plethora of listening avenues available via iOS, Android, the Mac and PC, specialized players, voice assistants, and much more. Are you bran new to podcast listening and unsure where to start? The demos and information shared here should give you plenty of helpful ideas. More advanced? There’s likely something here for you, too, whether it’s a different app to try, a unique voice assistant command, or a new podcast (shared in the demo examples) to spark your interest.

What is it?

This is highly-navigable audio documentation taught by two blind instructors, Chris and Kim Nova, who between them have decades of podcast listening under their belts. we even run our own successful bi-weekly podcast. We’ve watched podcasts come into their own over the years, and the number of available listening platforms broaden and increase over time. We’re happy to share demonstrations, as well as our own experiences with the apps, players and other methods we demonstrate here. Of course, you get to decide what works best for you, and we’re delighted to provide the tools to hopefully support you in your listening decisions.

What is covered?

  • Session One: iOS podcast apps are discussed here, including Overcast, Castro, iCatcher, Downcast, Apple Podcasts, and Pocket Casts.
  • Session Two: This session is all about Android apps for listening, including Podcast Addict, Podcast Republic, Doggcatcher, and Google Podcasts. We’ll also look at some cross-platform options, including Pocket casts for Android, Stitcher, Podbean, and others.
  • Session Three: No smart phone? No problem! This time we’ll talk a bout options such as the Victor Stream and Trek from Humanware, listening via notetakers, listening online, using QCast, and manually adding podcasts to your favorite player. We’ll also dive into other methods such as Amazon Music, Spotify, and, of course, those trusty voice assistants!

This documentation also includes just over 35 minutes of recorded questions from the Q&A which we offered to the live participants of this course. It allowed them a great opportunity to chat with others who took the course, talk with Chris and Kim, and get advice and tips on listening to their favorite podcasts in the ways they preferred. We hope these questions and answers will be helpful to you, too.

Navigate the Material to Find Exactly What You Want to Learn

This documentation includes just over four and a half hours of material, and is available in both DAISY and MP3 formats, allowing you to easily find the sessions or podcast listening methods that are of greatest interest to you.

Your investment for the Efficient and Fun Techniques for Listening to Podcasts documentation is only $39. We’re really excited to share this material with you, and thank you so much for your interest.

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