surprise! Chris’s Birthday Sale is Almost Here, and You Get The Present!

Hi, Everyone,

Happy New Year! Hope 2020 is treating you well thus far. We meant to get a newsletter out before now, but things are crazy in Mystic access Land at the moment, so for those of you who are subscribed to our News mailing list, expect a full newsletter next week, as well as the topic for our January class coming up on the 30th. If you’re a subscriber to our Events list, you’ll receive the joining info for that class.

For now, though, we wanted to make sure you know that we’re celebrating Chris’s birthday with our first sale of the year. Since his special day falls on a Saturday this year, you get savings all weekend long. You’ll save fifteen percent on tutorials and training / coaching / consulting, and ten percent off hardware (speakers, headphones, etc). The sale begins tomorrow morning (Friday, January 24) at 12:01 AM Eastern time, and runs through 11:59 PM on Sunday, January 26. No coupon code is necessary, as the discounts are applied automatically.

We’ll be available to take your orders via phone on Friday, the 24th, so if you talk to Chris, be sure to wish him a happy Birthday. (716) 543-3323.

If you’re subscribed to one or both of our mailing lists, expect much more news next week. Want to subscribe? You can do so on any page of our site, or contact us via phone or email, and we’ll get you on the list or lists of your choice.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Warmest Wishes,
Chris and Kim
The Mystic Access Team

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