Learn to Fully Experience The Productivity, Entertainment and Fun of iOS

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Mystic Access Announces Exciting New Training Opportunities!
Experiencing The Productivity, Entertainment and Fun of iOS

Learn to efficiently use iOS with these fun and informative modules from Mystic Access. Demonstrations will be provided during each module, and all material is recorded for your reference at any time.

Familiarizing yourself with a new and complex device can be stressful and intimidating. When that device has a multitude of built-in features and functions, a touch screen, a screen reader, and even more applications which can be added to broaden its appeal and scope, learning the ins and outs can become all the more stressful.

Welcome to Mystic Access’s fun and informative modules on iOS. Whether you own or are considering an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, we offer a wide-range of virtual events that can assist beginners and advanced iOS users to enjoy your devices more efficiently and proficiently, and to have more fun using them in the process.

What are Mystic access’s iOS modules and how can they support me?

Our iOS modules are offered as 75 minute live virtual events. Each module covers a specific topic to support you in getting the most out of your iOS device. All modules are taught from a blindness perspective, and utilize the built-in Voiceover screen reader. Time for questions will be allotted at the end of each event. Recordings will also be provided in case you’re unable to attend live for whatever reason.

Each module includes:
• Thorough, friendly instruction from a member of the Mystic Access team.
• Explanation and demonstration… we strongly feel that both these components are important to help you in understanding the material.
• Tips and tricks. All of your instructors are totally blind iOS users, and we all use iOS regularly for both business and pleasure. We’ll share ideas and strategies that helped us learn and improve our usage, and that we hope will assist you, too.

What topics will be covered?

‘Here’s our iOS topic schedule, which includes half a dozen modules from which to pick and choose. we strongly encourage you to consider taking modules in the order listed here, particularly if you’re bran new to iOS, or really struggling to use your device effectively.
• July 12, 2018: Your Device, Your way: In this module, we’ll help you customize your device so it best suits your particular needs. We’ll work through many popular settings, and will answer questions you might have about any others not specifically covered.
• July 19, 2018: iOS with Siri… from the Basic to the Bizarre. Do you have a love/hate relationship with Siri? In this class, we’ll do our best to fix those irreconcilable differences so you can live in harmony with your iOS assistant… mostly.
• August 2, 2018: A Touch of Typing: In this module, we’ll look at the three methods for typing using the on-screen keyboard, and will provide suggestions for improving typing speed and accuracy, while minimizing frustration.
• August 9, 2018: Wrangling the Roter: Do you know how to use the roter? This one skill will save you time and increase your overall efficiency.
• August 16, 2018: Mail Call… the many ways to read, respond to and enjoy email on your iDevice. Those who use their iDevices for email report finding it fun and productive, once they’ve learned a few basic skills. In this class, we’ll go over the basics of setting up email, and then walk you through some helpful commands for managing all those messages. Setting up individual accounts is outside of the scope of this module, but we will show you how to find the information you need to get started.
• August 23, 2018: Welcome to the App Store. We’ll walk you through the process of searching for and purchasing apps from the app store. Once you are set up to do this, the process is generally a quick and easy one.

How much does each module cost?

Each module will last 75 minutes (an hour and fifteen minutes), and costs $15 per module. If you purchase three or more modules, you’ll save over fifteen percent on your total cost. That’s like getting your third and sixth module at half price. Please check the relevant check boxes to select the modules for which you wish to register. You must select at least one module in order to add this product to your cart.

I already know a little about these topics… will these modules still benefit me?

Absolutely. Mystic access is known for thorough discussions, a down to earth and accessible teaching style and for our welcoming atmosphere. Bring your questions, frustrations and difficulties to the events, and if the answers aren’t covered in the material, please ask during the question and answer period, and we’ll be happy to try to help.

I live in a time zone that makes attending live impossible / inconvenient, or can’t attend live due to another commitment. I’m still interested in learning the material.

No worries, as each module will be recorded and an MP3 download will be provided to all registered participants. Please don’t let your time zone or another commitment stop you from engaging in these materials.

There’s a lot of free material available on iOS using Voiceover. Why should I pay for these Mystic Access modules?

The material Mystic Access provides is clear, concise, and professionally taught. All modules are prerecorded and edited for clarity, and all the material we teach is current as of the time of these classes, so you know what you’re learning is up to date. Between our team members, we have decades of experience as instructors. We’re friendly and genuine people, and we really enjoy sharing with you. We’re also always happy to answer your questions.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to having you as part of our iOS modules.

To read more about specific modules, and to register, visit this page.