Welcome to the Mystic Access media page

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share with you about who we are and, more importantly, how we can assist individuals and organizations in discovering the assistive technology that works best for them, and becoming empowered to utilize that technology to the fullest while having fun doing it. Below, you will find some helpful resources which Mystic Access has compiled to assist you in learning more about us. If you are interested in interviewing us for your podcast, booking us for a speaking engagement, or if you are a member of the press interested in what we do, we invite you to contact us via email or phone to learn more about how we can work with you.

Learn who we are

We have created an audio introduction to share more about our company, how we formed and what sets us apart. You may click here to download the MP3 file.

Want to spread the word about our work to your organization or others whom you feel may benefit? You may click here to download our useful brochure in .PDF format.

Try before you buy

In order to allow you to get acquainted with the quality of our work prior to making a purchase, we have created this comprehensive audio sampler. It provides you with:

  • Generous samples of our audio tutorials
  • Our complete, comprehensive twelve-hour tutorial on Humanware’s BrailleNote Touch
  • Our far shorter, but equally detailed audio tutorial on the BlueSync Bluetooth speaker.
  • Other full length audio tutorials including but not limited to the Avantek BR-Z8 Bluetooth Transmitter and receiver, 2016 and later Samsung TV models with Voice Guide audio tutorial and The BARD Express for Windows tutorial.
  • Our introductory audio file (same as listed above) explaining who we are, what we offer and what sets us apart in this industry
  • Brief demos of the Bluetooth speakers that we offer, as well as some orientation to the speakers. These are not samples of our audio tutorials on the speakers, but do allow you a way to familiarize yourself with the speakers themselves
  • A complete podcast from Mystic Access. Our free podcast is a great way to get to know us prior to committing to a purchase, and we wanted to include an episode here for your enjoyment.

Click here to download our audio sampler. It is a .ZIP file, and the contents are in MP3 format. This is a large file at 678 MB, so please be patient when downloading.